Step 1 : Preparing the Heat Transfer Materials

Digital Printing Machine/Digital Transfer Printer

Digital Transfer Film

Hot Melt powder

Heating machine

Heat press machine.

Step 2 : Know about the Digital Transfer Film Features

Heat transfer conditions: temperature: 130-160 degrees,

Time:8-10 seconds

Peeling method: Easy cold peeling or low temp peeling after heat press for 3-8 seconds

Thickness: 75um

Specification: Roll: 60cm * 100m;

Sheet: 30cm x 42cm, 21cm x 30cm; 500PCS/ pack.

Step 3 : Heat Transfer Prtinting Process:

There are total of 4 steps for the heat transfer screen printing.

  • 1st, Digital Printing on DTF Digitial Transfer Film

  • 2nd, Spill and shake Hot Melt Powder

  • 3rd, Heating melt powder by 80-160 degree for 20-120 seconds depends on powder types and heating machine

  • 4th, Heat press Digital Transfer Stickers on T-shirt or Fabric.

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