Step 1: Preparing Heat Transfer Materials

Before heat transfer printing, we need to prepare some relevant heat transfer materials and machines. They are as below:

  • Cold Peel Heat Transfer Film for Silicone Transfer Printing.

  • Silicone Heat Transfer Ink.

  • Silicone Based Hot Melt Glue.

  • Hot Melt Powder.

  • Heat Press Machine / Heating machine.

Step 2 : Heat Transfer Printing Process

There are several printing processes, which layer is printed first, which kind of material is printed on the top, please see our steps as below:

  • 1 Silicone ink color layer printing for 3-4 layers

    Silicone ink     100G

    Pigments or special powders       10-20G  (10-20% white&fluorescent 15-20% other colors 10%)

    Catalyst     G   2%

    Thinner         10-20G    10-20%

    Flash by 100 to120 degrees.

  • 2 Silicone ink clear layer printing 2 -4 layers if needed for high-density stickers, if need more high density then print more times clear.

    Silicone ink     100G

    Catalyst     2G   2%

    Thinner         10-20G    10-20%

    Flash by 100 to120 degrees.

  • 3 Mid layer crossing linker printing for 2 times:

    Crossing linker      50G

    Crossing linker agent  3G   6%

    Flash by 100 to120 degrees.

  • 4 Hot melt glue print for 4 layers. To use cyclohexanone to liquid the glue, mixing ratio 10%. This type of glue easy to be thick and mesh clogging, so if feel thick and hand to print then can mix with some cyclohexanone to liquid it and get easy printing.
    Flash by room temp or by 80-100 degrees.

  • 5 After finish, put into the oven to bake by 100 degrees for30- 40 minutes.

  • 6 Press the stick on the heat transfer press machine by the temp of 160-170 degrees for 10-16 seconds with the pressure of 4KG.

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