PET Film Double Side Matte for Digital Heat Transfer Printing

PET Film Double Side Matte for Digital Heat Transfer Printing

It is widely used for various kinds of digital heat transfer printers and digital heat transfer machines.



PET Film Cold Peel Matte for Digital Heat Transfer Printing


  • The cold peeling matte digital printing film is coated with a matte release agent.
  • The surface is smooth and uniform without wrinkle, tear, particles, bubbles and other defects.
  • There are some advantages such as good physical properties, low heat shrinkage, high-temperature resistance, small thickness tolerance, easy peeling, good ink absorption, uniform color, no static electricity, etc.
  • It is especially suitable for white ink heat transfer printing, free of engraving and hollowing out. White ink is directly printed and no pollution.
  • Suitable for most digital printing ink, for example, water-based ink and pigment ink.
  • Peeling method: cold peeling Gloss effect: matte


  • Thickness: 75um
  • Roll:60cm*100m;
  • Sheet: 30cm× 42cm,21cm× 30cm; 500PCS/ pack.
  • Heat transfer conditions:temperature:130-160 degrees, time: 8-10 seconds

Application scope:

It is widely used in digital heat transfer printer. This kind of printing film is peeled easily. It is suitable for different types of printers and printing inks, such as water-based ink, low solvent ink, pigment ink, etc. It is suitable for heat transfer printing factories to make various clothing transfer trademark, transfer printing pattern, washing water mark, etc.

Storage method:

Indoor sealed and moisture-proof storage, avoid direct sunlight, Shelflife: One year.

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