HF PET Film for Silicone ink Heat Transfer.

HF PET Film Can be Classified with Cold Peel Film and Hot Peel Film; It also can be classified with Matte Film, Plain Film and Glossy Film.


Hengfu Heat Transfer
July 23rd, 2020

Learn How to Make Heat Transfer Printing by Hengfu Heat Transfer Film Videos.

Hengfu Heat Transfer Film Videos and Guide for Heat Transfer Printing.

Silicone Ink Heat Transfer Film Matte & Glossy

Digital Printing Heat Transfer Film.

Heat Transfer Film Cold Peeling Matte or Glossy.

HF Heat Transfer Film.

Film for DTF, Digital Transfer Film.

HF PET Film for Silicone Heat Transfer.

Hengfu Digital Printing Film with Digital Transfer Printing.

Digital Transfer Film Are Mainly Used for Digital Heat Transfer Printer for T-Shirt Printing.


Miss Liu
July 23rd, 2020