PET film for heat transfer printing on fabric (t-shirt , gloves and various kinds of garments), leather (bag, shoes)

Heat Transfer Film Manufacturer

Cold Peel and Hot Peel Released Film

Heat Transfer Film Manufacturer

Cold Peel and Hot Peel PET Released Film

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Heat Transfer Film Manufacturer

Cold Peel and Hot Peel PET Released Film

Learn about Transfer Film
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PET Film Hot Peel Plain Effect for Heat Transfer Printing

Screen Printing Transfer Film

PET Heat Transfer Film for Water Based ink, Solvent Based ink or Plastisol Ink.


Digital Print Transfer Film

Make various clothing transfer trademark, transfer print patternwashing watermark.

PET Heat Transfer Film for Silicone Ink Heat Transfer Printing

Silicone Ink Heat Transfer Film

Warm Peel or Cold Peel to Get Matte Silicone Transfer Printing Effect.


Heat Transfer Film Manufacturer, Including PET Film and Transfer Paper.

Shenzhen Hengfu Heat Transfer Materials Co., Ltd., a Professional Heat Transfer Materials Supplier.

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Heat Transfer Printing Gallery & Guide


Cold Peel Matte Transfer Effect


Hot Peel Matte Heat Transfer Effect


Cold Peel Glossy Effect


Cold Peel Plain Flat Light


Cold Peel Matte Offset Printing


Hot Peel Flat Light


Cold Peel for Logo Printing


Cold Peel Matte Silicone Transfer Printing

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Heat Transfer PET Film Printing or Heat Transfer Paper Printing.

Matte, Dark Matte, Glossy or Plain Effect by Cold Peel, Hot Peel or Warm Peel Heat Transfer Printing.

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